We’ve acquired a leader in efficiency to enhance your options for serving guests

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LodgingControls is now a part of the Visual Matrix family. Learn how you can leverage its Mobile Operating Platform (MOP) to fully automate staff operations, housekeeping, maintenance, inspections, and more.

The merging of LodgingControls solutions under the Visual Matrix brand will provide you with the precise tools to address the industry’s labor shortage and ensure high-quality service from a single user-friendly PMS interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

LodgingControls,Inc., has become nationally known in the hotel industry for creating efficiency systems to help hoteliers and staff work smarter, faster, and better. LCI offers its services to both upscale and midscale hotel markets. LCI’s portfolio consists of over 1300 subscribers and growing across all brands within the United States and Mexico. For more information about Lodging Controls, visit: www.lodgingcontrols.com

Visual Matrix purchased Lodging Controls because we recognized that we wanted to be a part of another industry-leading software platform that brings essential functionality to our client hotels. Lodging Controls offers an incredibly valuable product called the Mobile Operating Platform (MOP), which enables hotels to operate more efficiently, communicate with guests more successfully, and have access to advanced features like detailed staff metrics, automated task management, and even integration with Alexa for voice requests from guests in the room. We want to be a part of helping Lodging Controls and MOP grow even larger and more successful by offering our team’s years of industry experience and success.

MOP streamlines and optimizes the hotelier’s most commonly executed tasks. From processing a special request, entering a maintenance ticket, changing a room status, and time tracking—to providing the front desk representative with total visibility of what's going on around them. Front Desk Representatives are now speaking more intelligently to guests regarding issues they might encounter from guests. Many features include:

  • Automated Task Management – Processing special requests, entering maintenance tickets, changing room statuses, employee time tracking and other commonly executed tasks are simple and easy with MOP.
  • Employee Safety – Panic buttons right on employee devices will automatically activate the device’s camera and microphone for instant recording as well as alerting other staff members to a safety issue automatically.
  • Advanced Housekeeping and Maintenance Features – From room cleaning to lost and found to maintenance and preventative maintenance, MOP makes it quick and easy to handle tasks right from your mobile device.
  • Guest Interaction and Texting – Quickly and easily communicate with guests in a familiar format from wherever you are.
  • Data Analytics – Important information and analytical tools are right at your fingertips.
  • Alexa Integration – With Alexa-enabled devices in the guest room, guests can simply speak their requests, and MOP will deliver those requests right into the hands of the appropriate staff members in real time.
  • Works on Any WiFi-enabled Device – No need to download an app or worry about compatibility – any WiFi-capable device with a web browser can use the MOP platform.

MOP has been selected as a brand standard for LaQuinta Hotels by Wyndham and by Choice Hotels Clarion Pointe and is installed in more than 1300 properties.

VM Mobile and other VM features will continue to be available for properties who choose to use those features. MOP offers similar but more advanced features in a comprehensive package. Once the integration of Visual Matrix with MOP is complete, Visual Matrix customers on VM Desktop and VM Cloud who want to take advantage of all of the advanced features MOP offers are then free to choose to integrate MOP into their Visual Matrix system instead.

As always, we want to deliver the very best features to our customers at an affordable cost. With that in mind, Visual Matrix customers will be offered special discounted pricing for MOP starting as low as $1.00 per room with zero setup fees, depending on the modules chosen.

Webinars will be held soon to introduce Visual Matrix customers to the MOP platform. Information on registering for these webinars will be sent out through our Visual Matrix Tip Sheet, which you can sign up for here.

Any additional questions about the acquisition may be directed to sales@vmpms.com.

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