Why Visual Matrix PMS?

Why Visual Matrix?

Optimize your hotel revenue

What we offer you is much more than a full-featured front desk solution for your hotel. Visual Matrix helps you maximize the revenue of your hotel, with a complete revenue solution built into the software. We help you understand your business, identify opportunities hidden within your hotel data, and construct informed rate strategies so that your rooms are always optimally priced. Keep tabs on competitive activity, set up your system to automatically adjust pricing structure, and use our business intelligence reporting capabilities to monitor the performance of your hotel.

Lower processing fees

Lower your processing fees

The booking and payment process for hotel guests is easy and seamless, but unfortunately leads to a path of added fees for the hotelier. From channel management and online booking fees, to credit card fees, the process of making and charging a reservation does not come without the added costs. So, we work closely with our channel management, digital marketing, credit card, and online booking partners to negotiate discounted rates for our clients.
Never pay retail priced fees again when you join Visual Matrix.


  • Lower your channel management delivery fees
  • Lower your online booking reservation fees
  • Lower your credit card processing fees
  • Lower your digital marketing fees


Empower your hotel staff

An easy to use PMS can further empower your front desk staff to provide your customers with an exceptional experience. Visual Matrix empowers your staff with simple front desk processes including one-click reservations, single-view screens, and an intuitive design. Visual Matrix clients have access to unlimited live support and online training.
You will never have to worry about office hours or conflicting time zones again.

  • Unlimited support 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Support in English, French, and Spanish
  • Library of training videos and resources available to entire hotel staff


Monitor Competitors

Monitor your competitors

Our revenue management solution integrates to a rate shopping tool and offers hoteliers the ability to optimize their rate strategy based on competitive activity. Competitive intelligence is one of the several benefits of the revenue management solution and alerts hoteliers when competitor rates deviate from predetermined thresholds, or sell out. Automate and optimize your hotel pricing strategy based on competitive activity, occupancy, pacing, and trending. Access competitive summary and forecasting reports with charts and diagrams for easy data visualization. Furthermore, easily view your competitor set, current, historical, and projected occupancy on one single screen.


  • Automate and optimize your hotel pricing strategy based on competitive insight
  • Receive alerts for competitor rate variances and sell outs
  • Easily visualize data with charts and diagrams


Your hotel business

Visual Matrix analyzes your hotel data to help you understand your customer base, monitor the performance of your hotel, and utilize valuable insights to grow your hotel business. With access to numerous status, summary, and forecasting reports integrated within our system, you can ensure you are always equipped with the most important tools to manage effectively. 

  • Access, export, and email reports
  • Forecast occupancy, revenue, marketing mix, yield management, and more
  • Access statistical recaps, room type popularity, revenue summary, competitive reports, and more
  • Segment and export guest data for targeted marketing campaigns
Connect with your guests

Connect with your guests

There are multiple touch points along the guest journey that offer a perfect opportunity for hoteliers to build lasting connections with their guests. Welcome future guests on their mobile device prior to their stay and automatically send an updated bill upon checkout *. Follow up with a thank you email welcoming their feedback and encourage your past guests to choose your hotel again in the future with special offers. With Visual Matrix, you can strengthen the impact of your marketing campaigns by tailoring your communications to specific target audiences. Simple and tailored communications along the guest journey can positively impact the perception your guests have of your hotel.

  • Send automatic email and text communications to guests
  • Target promotional campaigns to specific target audiences with the ability to slice your database and export guest information based on smart profiles, demographics, sources of business, frequency of stays, and more
Simplify your onboarding process

Simplify your onboarding process

Moving to a new system may seem to be a hassle, but we make the onboarding process simple. Installation of Visual Matrix is made easy with our remotely assisted installation process, which is preferred by 49 out of 50 Visual Matrix clients. Every Visual Matrix client is assigned an individual coordination specialist to assist through the entire onboarding process. Hotel managers and staff can access our library of training videos and resources anytime by logging into the client portal. Once your PMS is live, our support team will be available 24/7 to help you with your needs.

  • Simple remotely assisted installation process
  • Dedicated coordination specialist throughout entire onboarding process
  • Library of training videos and resources available to entire hotel staff
  • Unlimited support available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Support in English, French, and Spanish