VM™ Channel Management

Staying competitive in the hospitality industry can be a challenge. The Visual Matrix Channel Manager provides a reliable, easy to use, feature-packed option for hotels wanting to save time, maximize revenue, and ability tap into hard to reach markets.

Choose the best and most popular sites

What does the Channel Manager provide your property ?

Unlimited Commission-free Reservations

Keep cost predictable with one flat fee and no added commissions. Just one way the Visual Matrix Channel Manager adds value and revenue to you property. 

Integration with Visual Matrix PMS

Rates, inventory, and restrictions sync directly from the Visual Matrix PMS. Saving hoteliers time while avoiding overbookings, and maximizing revenue.

Access Hundred of Channels

Want to sell on more than just Expedia and Booking.com? We have you covered, take a look at our full channel list.  

Reduced Manual Work

Reservations from the Channel Manager are directly delivered to the Visual Matrix PMS. No longer do you have to manually make reservations from 3rd party OTAs.  

Easily Manage Rates

Update and manage all rates directly from the Visual Matrix PMS. Rates sync with the Channel Manager almost instantly, giving hoteliers the ability to make rate changes quickly from one location. 

Support the Whole Way

From onboarding a new hotel to assisting long time customers, our integration and support team are here to help with Channel Management setup, questions, and support.