VM™ Mobile w Housekeeping Productivity Tracking

VM™ Mobile allows your staff to stay connected while away from the front desk.  VM™ Mobile is intended primarily for housekeeping, maintenance and management. Some of the important features for housekeeping are:

  • Track Housekeeper start & end cleaning time by room*
  • Housekeeper Locator*
  • Housekeeper Productivity Reports*
  • Housekeeper can open a maintenance work order by merely taken a Picture
  • Management can view current occupancy, prior day statistics, deposits and manage rates.

* Housekeeping productivity features will be released in December 2020.
VM™ Mobile is available on either Apple or Android for VM™ Cloud users at no additional charge!

You can click below for a flyer or a demo of VM™ Mobile:

Click for a Flyer – VM™ Mobile
Click to View Demo – VM™ Mobile