Automated Triggers for Guest Texting

VM™ Guest Texting will allow you to stay connected with your guests. With VM™ Guest Texting, you can:

  • Send your guest a reservation reminder prior to arrival
  • Automated triggers provide automatically generated guest responses
  • Notify your guest when their room is ready 
  • Receive guest requests via text which will be visible on the screen and within VM Mobile
  • Send your guest a Thank You upon departure

VM™ Guest Texting is available on either VM™ Desktop or VM™ Cloud at no additional charge from Visual Matrix! You will only need an SMS account with Twilio to send the text messages.

Click below for a flyer or to view a demo of VM™ Guest Texting:

Click for a flyer – VM™ Guest Texting
Click to View Demo – VM™ Guest Texting